Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Lovely Poem

Well I hope you're all enjoying my brilliant weekly adventure! Episode 3 is a real cliffhanger ain't it? Sorry I've been away from my site, but blogging ain't so easy to keep up when you start getting as world famous as me!!

I had this brilliant poem from Fat Tony after episode one, who is finding it all terribly exciting -

Poor Derek Sheep fell in the loo
Now he's going to the zoo!
Will he end up in a cage
With a tiger in a rage?
Or will he be
A hippo's pet?
This tale could be
The best one yet!

Cheers FT. Last time I looked FT had turned into a budgie which is quite a laugh! So keep checking out his mad blog.
I've been getting a fair bit of fan art on my messageboard recently, so I'll be posting them all this week (along with another piece).

And thanks to all you loyal Derek fans who have been voting for me on the Official Beanotown readers poll - I'm second only to Dennis himself!!



Fat Tony said...

Ahem! (Modest cough.)

Menaceman said...

That's some nice poem writin' there FT. I hope you stop looking like a budgie soon.

Menaceman said...
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Fat Tony said...

Fear not. I'm starting to feel like my old glamorous self again.

Molyan said...

That poem...

It's... it's... so beautiful...

The way that you captured the magic of the story...

*wipes tear from eye*

Derek said...

We need an updated one I think!!

Fat Tony said...

Derek's had another flight
Percy penguin's slap
Sent him into flight
Right into the piggy muck
Derek never has any luck!