Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Morning readers.

Don't you just hate it when you look at a blog and all you ever read is,

"Gosh, sorry I haven't posted here for a while, I got run over by a lorry and I've been sooo busy and stuff. I hope you can forgive me and I promise to update EVERY DAY from now on. Seriously. Pinky swear."

And then they never update their blog for another six months. What losers!!!!

Anyway, where was I?

OH YES!!!!

Check out this month's Beanomax, inside you'll find a brilliant new story by me!!! It's probably my best story in over 3 years and that's saying a lot cos there's been some real crackers (and some humdingers if I'm telling the truth. Cecil was mainly in those ones, so I'm absolved of any blame).

Here's an exciting clip to whet your appetite (what ever that means):

Good Lord I'm in a bad mood right there. Blame Big Big Baz. I hates him.

I'm in the Beanomax EVERY MONTH!!!! Have been since January. Sorry I didn't tell you (or maybe I did). I haven't been kicked out of the Beano or anything, just finding it tough enough go on one crazy adventure once a month as it is. I'll try and get back in there as soon as poss. I promise!!!


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