Saturday, August 09, 2008

Disco Fever!

Yup! I'm back in the good ol' Beano again this week! Hooray!
I'm stuck in one of those horrible Discos where no girls will dance with me... I've never understood it. I'm good looking, witty... I might have sheep-breath, but at least it ain't cowpat breath! Kevin Rabbit and Dave Goose are my fellow wall-flowers in a strange tale of haircuts and lettuce leaves.

Here's a lovely clip from the episode!

My book is due soon too, which is mega-exciting!! And the next Beano annual! There'll be Derek stories coming out of your ears if you're not too careful.


PenguinGuy said...

Haha! Best chat up line. Ever.

Derek The Sheep said...

Well, it normally works :P