Monday, July 14, 2008

It might've been a quiet six months...

... But, you'll be seeing plenty of me for the rest of the year!

Some of you may have noticed that I've not had many adventures for a while, in fact I think I've only had three or four this year. Sorry about that! My regular monthly appearances will soon be back on track. Sometimes running about getting up to nonsense on a regular basis takes it's toll, and I needed a bit of a rest in preparation for the next onslaught of madness!!!

On the way soon is a jolly little tale of some disco dancing as me and the boys fight over who gets to dance with Vera the cow (who has a mean right hook!).

Then there's a mad story that pits me against Big Baz to see who can be the Biggest Turnip at the "Vegetable Fancy Dress"!

Then by the time you've read those, The 2009 Beano Book will be on the shelves and there's a lovely story depicting me and my pals on the trail of dinosaurs, as witnessed by Bert Worm!! Yes Bert makes his fully-fledged debut in a Beano publication and we're all very proud of him round 'ere. Well Lenny is proud I think. It's a weird story, I'll be honest with you, with a bizarre ending. In fact I think it was that particular story that nearly made me give up! I thought I'd lost the plot! Seriously.

Then of course, there's my brilliant book coming out from Bloomsbury, chock-a-block full of classic stories from a few years ago. I've got a special advance copy, and I must admit it's a very handsome book indeed!

So, there's plenty of Derek The Sheep Madness © coming up! Hooray!!!

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Fat Tony said...

It looks tres briliant, mon petit mouton.