Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas readers!

Have a great Christmas readers and don't forget to pick up this week's Christmas edition of the Beano with my jolly little two-pager!
See you in the New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blimey eck.

Did you see this week's Derek's Corner in the Beano? I've pretty much taken over the letters page with lovely drawings of me. Didn't that cake look brilliant too?
The Beano ed has been telling me for a few weeks now how brilliant I am and how popular I'm getting with the readers. He's also been nagging me to go on more crazy adventures more frequently to quell the demand, as once a month just ain't enough for my loyal fans! In fact, if I don't pull my finger out, he's likely to come round and zap me with a cattle-prod to spur me into action.
So keep an eye out in the New Year sometime for a big mad serialised adventure which will blow the rest of the comic away!!
Trust me; it'll be nuttier than a bag full of nut flavoured monkeys, eating er.. nuts. Which in itself is a bit nuts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ta-ra Nobby.

Well Nobby finally said his goodbyes and toddled off to hibernate. It's all a bit sad really as he's a great laugh to have around and we're all going to miss him. He's got his playstation, complete works of Hellboy and a flask of hot cocoa, so I think he'll be happy. He's kipping under one of our hedges until about February then he'll be all wide awake and demanding ice-cream and ignoring Bert the Worm as per usual.

I'm glad Nobby don't eat worms as Bert is a good laugh too. Bert's impression of Harry Hill is a joy to behold. Bert's staying with us for Christmas as his mum has gone on holiday to Tenerife with her pals and Bert don't like flying. He was snapped up by a blackbird once, but fortunately he got dropped (I think the blackbird saw a fatter worm, either that or Bert tasted funny), but I think it's left Bert mentally scarred.

By the way, did you notice this blog is one year old round about now?! Cor, don't alot happen in one year? It seemed like only yesterday it was only two weeks till Christmas.

Christmas 2004 that is.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Say Box!!!

Panic over! I've found a new one called Say Box which lets me ban all nasties that come my way. Hooray! Now if only blogger was working properly, I could see if it's working or not...

Shoutbox shouts last shout...

Unfortunately, due to er.. technical difficulties, I've taken the shoutbox off. Oh well. I did love my shoutbox, and it proved very popular with friends and fans alike, but it became a bit of a burden having to check it every 5 minutes in case spam etc. turned up, and I'm a busy sheep!!

When a spare hour or so in my diary turns up, I'll figure out a proper messageboard for you all to continue our chin-wags. Whatever they are!