Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ta-ra Nobby.

Well Nobby finally said his goodbyes and toddled off to hibernate. It's all a bit sad really as he's a great laugh to have around and we're all going to miss him. He's got his playstation, complete works of Hellboy and a flask of hot cocoa, so I think he'll be happy. He's kipping under one of our hedges until about February then he'll be all wide awake and demanding ice-cream and ignoring Bert the Worm as per usual.

I'm glad Nobby don't eat worms as Bert is a good laugh too. Bert's impression of Harry Hill is a joy to behold. Bert's staying with us for Christmas as his mum has gone on holiday to Tenerife with her pals and Bert don't like flying. He was snapped up by a blackbird once, but fortunately he got dropped (I think the blackbird saw a fatter worm, either that or Bert tasted funny), but I think it's left Bert mentally scarred.

By the way, did you notice this blog is one year old round about now?! Cor, don't alot happen in one year? It seemed like only yesterday it was only two weeks till Christmas.

Christmas 2004 that is.


Gertie said...

Cor, yeah that's right! Year ago since you got your P-Pod. Time really does fly. Meryy Christmas from Gertie, everybody.

Fat Tony said...

So here it is, Merry Xmas, every pigeon's having fun
Look after your kebabs now
Or I'll be scoffing every one!

Menaceman said...

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! and just so I don't forget; HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Paws said...

Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year! God bless us, everyone!

Soo the Panda said...

I'm confused...is Tara Nobby's sister or wot?

Derek said...

Sorry Soo. it's "Ta-ra!" as in see "see ya later", or "ta-ta".
I'll stick a hyphen in just to clarify.

Molyan said...

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Ho ho ho and all that.