Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's A Derek Bonanza!!!

There's never been a greater time to be a Derek The Sheep fan than this week! All the planets have aligned, the wind's blowing in the right direction (that'll be the sprouts I had for breakfast) and there are TWO appearances of my beautiful self on your newsagent's shelf right now!!!!

Can you believe it? Me neither. I actually fainted and everybody felt sorry for me and gathered round to made sure I was ok. Then those sprouts kicked in again and everyone went back to hating me just like they did before.

I'm in the Beanomax!! The film special issue 5 thingy. Cecil's directing a science fiction film and me and Lenny are UFO's. It's hilarious.
Here's a lovely clip....

It's get better, believe me. It even has one of my now legendary mini-strips running along the bottom. Is it funny? You decide.

I'm back in the normal weekly Beano!!! Hooray!! I think the Beano ed. is just pleased to know that I'm alive after all my Beanomax shenanigans. But he'd needn't fear as I have plenty of mad stories coming out of my ears! There should be a brilliant one on his desk Friday morning, and it's brilliant. In fact it's so brilliant, he should kick Dennis out of the Beano and shove me on the front as I'm tremendously better looking than that weirdo. Sales would rocket too. Trust me.

Here's an excerpt from this week's saga...

Yep that's correct - I'm in Australia! What a laugh! Although it wasn't; it was horrible. it's a two-part story, so I'll be in there next week too! And maybe the week after!!! Who knows? Hooray!

Ta ra!!!

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